Luke Ferguson

Valmont Site Pro 1
Santa Fe Springs, CA

Luke Ferguson graduated with his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2010. After a year of analyzing Boeing 737 fuselage structures, he joined Valmont Industries as a structural design engineer in Valley, NE. His first four years at Valmont were spent designing telecom, utility, lighting, and traffic structures.

After earning his Professional Civil Engineering license, he joined the Valmont Site Pro 1 components team in late 2015 as the Applications Engineering Manager. With a focus on A&E support for antenna mounts and small cell components, Luke spends his time traveling and providing educational presentations to telecom carriers, A&E firms, and scoping teams across the country.

Over the years, he has presented to hundreds of teams and has gained an intimate knowledge of the day-to-day issues facing engineers and carriers today. By staying active in TIA committees, he keeps a working knowledge of the latest telecom codes and requirements to ensure he is giving up-to-date advice.

Luke now resides in Orange County, CA where he enjoys surfing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Speaking Topics

  • 5G/IoT/Emerging Technologies
  • Anchor Corrosion
  • Building Educational Partnerships
  • CAPEX Trends
  • Collaborating with Educational Institutions
  • DAS
  • General Industry
  • Industry Standards
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Mentorship
  • PPE
  • Small Cells
  • Stealth/Concealment
  • UAS/Drone Technology
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Worker Certification