Rick Jones

Retired Member
4619 Pualei
Ele'ele, Kauai, HI 96705

Cell: 713-819-2825
Email: rick@skyjackcommunications.com

Rick Jones is a retired NATE Member and President of Skyjack Communications, Inc., in Houston, Texas, and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rick was born in 1954 and studied general and electrical engineering in college. Rick received his Radio Telephone Operators License from the Federal Communications Commission in 1977. Rick worked his way through college as a roughneck in the oilfield, a Radio Engineer, and worked on radio towers, as a tower hand.

Skyjack Communications was established in Houston, Texas in April 1988, primarily servicing towers and antennas for the radio and television broadcast industry.

In 1998, one of Rick’s clients who owned broadcast properties in Hawaii retained him to perform tower and antenna services on their properties. Working in the Hawaiian Islands was love at first sight. After several more working trips to Hawaii, Rick became licensed, insured, and opened an office in Honolulu, Hawaii in September of 2002. Business kept growing every year and in 2007, Rick purchased property on the island of Kauai, Hawaii to serve as a business office, crew housing, and equipment storage. In 2008, Rick also leased space in the industrial district of Honolulu for a heavy equipment yard.

Rick has just one crew, and travels with the crew. He serves in the capacity of Competent Person, Competent Rigger, and Safety Officer. They travel not only through the islands of Hawaii, but also international locations throughout the Pacific Region.

Skyjack Communications became a member of NATE in February 1999. Rick served on the NATE Safety & Education Committee since 2004 and was a former Committee Chairman. Rick is also a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and a past member of the National Association of Radio and Television Engineers.

Rick Jones is the State Liaison for Hawaii.